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Below is the list of artists who participated in the MAP Project 2021.


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Gong-Won (Su young Park) / South Korea

Su-young Park, also known as her alias Gong-won, is a multidisciplinary artist who has a keen interest in interactions between people’s memories and their feelings of being stranded in random, unexpected places. Su-young explains that these interactions can be seen from a wide range of scopes, from individuals to society. 


As a person who studied traditional Korean art, she incorporated elements of ‘art’ into her works. She sees ‘drawing’ and ‘moving’ are a part of our behaviours every day, just like ‘seeing’, ‘touching’, and ‘thinking’. 


By incorporating such elements of art, she tries to resurface old memories from the unconsciousness of ordinary people, like you and me. During this wild ride down the memory lane, her work throws the following questions to her audience: “Should I continue to move away from myself?” And “Should I look into my inner self?” 

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Lucia Choi / South Korea

Lucia Choi is an established calligraphist from South Korea. She has been successfully hosting online calligraphy events since January. Lucia previously held calligraphy classes in Brisbane, Australia and now plans to hold nationwide workshops next June in the same country.


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Robby Mursalan / Indonesia

Robby is an artist who has been doing performances for the past five years, whose speciality lies in poem recitals. In every show, he invites his friends to make his performance more enjoyable through music. For Robby, poetry is unique compared to other arts, as it has room to combine with other forms of arts and can be expressed in many different ways.


In his works, Robby likes to keep his focus on our surroundings. While there are many other artists with the same focus, he believes that even more artists need to talk about it further to keep it “relevant”. Robby thinks that his works, despite their size of the impact on the real world, can serve as a reminder to our society to help each other and share stories that cannot be seen in the mainstream media. 


Robby thinks that her focus and interests can provide fresh perspectives that are different from mainstream ideas. He pursues to be an artist who participates and contributes to society, no matter how small his impact may be, with a glimmering hope to change the wrongs in our surroundings for a better future.

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Abdul Aziz Sufli / Indonesia

Abdul Aziz Sufli was born in Sukabumi, West Java, with Minang Kabau blood, West Sumatra. Growing up with two environmentally different characteristics, he became a person with diverse characters and an eye to see things from various perspectives. 


People around Aziz are concerned about preserving cultural heritage. With his particular interest in human development, he has many opportunities to get information inherited by his ancestors and cultural backgrounds.


(For your information, the traditions in West Java, or better known as Sundanese land, are unique in preserving their cultural heritage. People of West Java do not keep documents, manuscripts, or any physical records for their future generations. It is the word of mouth that keeps their history and memory alive. People keep their precious heritage through “tutur”, which means to tell directly and repeatedly to their descendants.)

Aziz has always been fascinated by photography and how the world is seen in other people's eyes. After he left his first job as a food chemistry analyst, he pursued to become a photographer. He taught himself to take professional photos and took pictures of loss and renovation of life during his practice. As of today, Aziz works as a commercial photographer at a creative agency. He also was previously appointed as the personal photographer to the mayor of his city. 

Aziz decided to participate in the MAP Project to escape his ‘safe zone' and share valuable information from his surroundings and life with a bigger audience.

He believes every valuable piece of information that he gets should be shared with people in the best form of way. This is because he thinks God’s blessings on him and the things he gets are not solely his and must be shared with others for their benefit. 

Luthfi Fariz / Indonesia

Luthfi  graduated from the Indonesian computer university , Bandung Indonesia. then laboring his passion in graphic design for a decade– when he realized that design is another form of language in the visual context. Luthfi  immersing himself in the process more than the end result, Luthfi  speaks through his designs with the idea of communication as the center of every dot, line, shape, color, composition, and idea. Most of the time, Luthfi flows in his craft in every sense of the word as not knowing the end result itself is like an obsession to him. A big fan and a practicing craftsman in emotion-driven design, luthfi  believes in creating designs that resonate with people as well as an environment that centers around togetherness for his team.


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