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Luthfi Fariz






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Design Principal : Lutjfi fariz

3d modeler: Rizki Aryo

Concept art : Wahid

3d Rendering : Ihsan

Artboard 1.jpg
Artboard 2.jpg
Artboard 3.jpg
Artboard 4.jpg
Artboard 5.jpg
Artboard 6.jpg

Project Description:


Tari Topeng is an art that was born and developed around the Cirebon area, West Java Province. This dance is called Mask Dance because dancers use masks or masks as dance accessories, which function to cover the dancer's face. The use of this mask is also related to the type of dance that is played, which of course is in accordance with the character of the mask or guise used. In its development in society, Cirebon Mask then acquired and had a specific form and presentation by displaying several different types of dances adapted to the guise used.


The wandering mask, is a type of mask that depicts someone who is angry. The Roaming Mask Dance is a picture of someone who is full of anger

marked with a red color of the guise. The dance is very powerful and passionate, so it is more liked by the audience than other types of mask dance. The dance moves describe someone who is angry,


Alter-Klana, is another modification of the traditional mask dance which is made more modern. The Klana mask describes the last phase of human life. The Kelana mask is dominated by red with a thick mustache and sharp eyes. Some people interpret the meaning of this mask as a symbol of wrath

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